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Flexepin Casino

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Flexepin is not just another example of electronic wallet system, not exactly. Basically, it is more like a voucher system that allows you to pay for specific services and it works like some sort of payment card with fixed balance (e.g. Apple iTunes replenishment cards). So, to increase your account’s balance you just buy more vouchers and top-up your deposit.

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Even some companies accept these vouchers as a payment method for goods and services so it is slowly but surely becoming a great alternative to classical solutions that has been present on the market for a long time. Let’s see how it works with gambling.


As this type of payment is relatively new and fresh, people need to get acquainted with it first and know more about its main features and advantages as well as disadvantages. As we have already mentioned above, this is a voucher payment system where you buy certain “cards” with fixed amount of currency and use them to replenish the deposit or to pay for the services directly. There are several values of this vouchers which normally start from $20 and reach $500 as the most expensive option.

So, it comes from its definition that this service provides its users with high level of privacy and security as you don’t need to enter personal data during the payment procedure and you only use the voucher’s details to pay. It may seem not as comfortable and usual as other features people are used to, but it certainly has some advantages that should be considered while choosing the payment service for gambling.

It is a great way to keep your personal data protected and avoid banking thresholds that may occur while using classical payment methods. But, the process of obtaining a voucher and its price may become a drawback for some users as the price of the voucher may sometimes be slightly higher than its actual value. Anyway, it is a solid replacement which is widely used by gamblers all over the world.

How to pay with Flexepin: Guide

To initiate the process you need to get registered at the service provider’s website and pass a simple verification procedure. After everything is done, you may proceed to purchasing a voucher, but at this point you should know that they are not distributed on the official website and you need to search the official and verified platforms to get one (it also may depend on the country you live in).

As soon as you get the voucher, use its details to replenish the deposit in the virtual casino you’ve chosen by visiting the “Payment” section and choosing the Flexepin as a payment method. Follow the instructions and wait until the money are credited to your account.

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