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Terms and conditions

1. General Clauses

1.1. The actual Terms and Conditions («Terms») provide the full information needed to use this website and the information provided on the pages of this website properly and has a legal force of the Agreement between the Company and the User.

1.2. If you for any reason disagree to follow these Terms and Conditions, you should abandon using our Website and the information it provides you with.

1.3. Terms and Conditions may be partially changed and updated by the «Owner». The information about changes applied to these Terms and Conditions will be displayed after such changes come into force.

1.4. «Owner» has the exclusive rights for the information provided on the website. Unauthorised copying of the information without specifying the source may is restricted and «Owner» may use the right to protect its interest using legal methods.

1.5. This website operates and generally provides the information in the sphere of gambling industry and market, so it is only allowed to be used by people who have reached the «Legal Age» declared in the laws of different jurisdiction depending on the country of the User. People under the «Legal Age» must not use this website and its services.

2. Intellectual Property Clauses

2.1. The Company possesses all the information, written, graphical (pictures, images and videos) content. By accepting these terms and conditions the User agrees not to remove or by any means break the intellectual rights of the Company.

2.2. The content, such as products, virtual gambling machines, games, websites etc. presented on this website belonging to the third parties is also protected from unauthorised copying and distribution with separate Terms and Conditions which may be found on their official websites.

3. Content of the Website

3.1. Information presented on the website is divided into three categories: User Generated Content (UGC), Company’s Content and Third Party Content.

3.1.1. The company is responsible for the quality and actuality of the data it presents to the Users.

3.1.2. The User is responsible for UGC and agrees to follow the principles of the website while publishing any content that may be seen or used by other Users. The content created by the User must not represent any destructive ideas and must not contain aggression, harassment, vulgarness, hatred, racism, extremism, sexism and any types of social, cultural, racial discrimination or to be used for trickery and scamming. UGC also must not break any intellectual rights of the Company or any third parties.

3.1.3. The website contains the products, services and materials created by other companies and developers. Third party content is not used for the sake of advertisement, endorsement or any other forms of promotion and is only presented by links to the original websites of service providers and developers. The Company does not guarantee the quality of these third party websites, services and the products.

4. Rules of the Website

4.1. Each user has the right to use all the information and services provided on this website and also generate the allowed forms of User Content (cl. 3.3) if:

  • it is used for legal and personal purposes;
  • the user is of «Legal age»
  • the activity of the user corresponds with the legislation of his country;
  • the user represents only him- or herself personally;
  • the user provides actual and real personal data;

4.2. It is prohibited and legally punishable to use the website in any unlawful purposes:

  • scamming, trickery;
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  • hacking, modifying of the source code etc.
  • distribution of fake data, malicious codes and anything that may - harm the cybersecurity of the website and its users;
  • other illegal actions prohibited by the current legislation.

5. Services

5.1. This website aggregates the data and information about gambling sphere for the User’s personal entertainment and informational/educational purposes. Games, web pages, other materials presented on this site are created by third party developers and may be used only after redirection to the original website after the User follows the attached link.

5.2. The materials, products and services are provided on this website in accordance to the current legislation.

The User must be aware about the legislation of his country/region in order to use this website legally. The activity of the User on this website must not break any laws or rights of other users, the Company and Third Parties.

5.3 By accepting these Terms and Conditions the User agrees that he participates in gambling activity by his sole option and understands the possible risks. The User cannot have claims against the company in relation to the losses occurred during the gambling process.

5.4. Our website is an informational resource in the gambling industry. The Company does not promote, advertise or force the Users to be involved in the gambling activity. The Company provides the actual information, news, products and services in the sphere but it is up to the Users to decide whether to use it information or not.

5.5. The Company does not guarantee that the services, games or other products will meet all of the Users’ requirements and demands. We also do not guarantee that any of the products or games will inevitably bring profits.

6. Liability

6.1 The Company shall not be liable to the User or any Third Party for any losses or damages that may arise during the use of our website or the services provided on it, as well as damages for loss of business, loss of profits (including loss of or failure to receive the rewards and winnings), business interruptions, loss of business information or other types of losses. The Company is not liable to the User or any Third Party for any losses or damages that may arise during the use or following any link contained on our website.

7. Termination

7.1. The company has the right to terminate the agreement and immediately terminate the User’s access to our website without notice and any refund if:

  • The user has breached any clause of these Terms and Conditions;
  • The company has decided to interrupt the provision of the services in general or to the specific User;
  • The company sees other reasonable and legal basis in such termination;

8. Legal basis, Governing Law and Arbitration

Each user confirms and accepts the current Terms and Conditions and agrees that the services are provided in accordance with the laws of the USA (Chicago, Illinois)

9. Confidentiality

The User’s personal and account data (username, password), the internal data of the Company, commercial and business data and other types of information that are legally declared to be in the category of sensitive and guarded data - are considered confidential and officially protected by the current legislation. Sharing the confidential information is restricted and may apply serious penalties to the User including the legal proceedings.

Confidential information may only be disclosed if required by law.

10. Waiver

The company’s waiver of any clause of these Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of other separate or all the clauses included in this Agreement.

11. Assignment

The company has the right to transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part in the event of a merger, sale of assets or in other cases of corporate transaction.

The User has no right to transfer or pledge any rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions.