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Oklahoma: The battle for sports betting

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Tribal sports betting issue remains unsolved in Oklahoma. A lot of tribal nations around the world nowadays still make profits from sports betting and it is quite surprising that such a developed country like the United States cannot resolve this dispute and settle up the situation. Bureaucracy and social attitude have constructed a barrier that cannot be currently passed by the initiative to apply new legislative measures.

A lot of experts have shared their opinion on the problem and all of them agree that it is necessary to do something to change the situation and make the initiative come true as several American states have already applied relevant measures to expand the rights of specific social and national groups in case of sports betting.

Basically, this idea will help to buff the budget of the state by increasing the income of tribal nations and introduction of new taxes for economic balance. The only thing that prevents this dream from coming true – inability of the officials to understand the situation and follow the experience and statistics of the neighbor states.

Experts remain unanimous that it will take long years to promote the idea to the highest level and finally make victorious decision, but it won’t happen in the nearest future.

Maybe the change of the political rotation or social vectors will somehow help to bring the desired day forward, until then, we should just wait and observe the news regarding the dispute.

Oklahoma: The battle for sports betting