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Arcade Games Casino

It's your lucky day! Our team has reviewed the best arcade games, including some of the most famous and popular. Play now and you could be a winner.

How To Play

If you are tired of hoping only for luck and you want to use your actual skills to win some money arcade games may be just right for you. Now let`s talk about the rules in the arcades and what types of these games you may find online.

Basic Rules

When we are talking about arcades there is no single rulebook. Arcades are a vast category where you can find all the different games that simply don`t fit into other traditional categories. But the most exciting and popular games came to the casinos from arcade parlors with some modifications to make them compatible to play for money.

Usually, you just need to pick a denomination of coins that you are going to play with and press start. In this category, you will find multiple redemption games, pinball machines, fighting, fishing and hunting games, and so on.

Types of arcades

Now let`s look closer at what types of games you can actually encounter.

  1. Classical arcade games. Here we talk about old-school Asteroids, Miss Pac-Man, Street Fighter, and so on. Sometimes the game will be adapted into some kind of a slot machine and sometimes the gaming process stays almost the same with the only exception: you play for money now. One of the great examples in this subcategory is a Street Fighter II Slot Machine from NetEnt. It does not only has the same atmosphere as the original game but also can bring you quite generous payouts.
  2. Dice games. These are simple games where you usually have to guess where the dice will land or make bet on how many points you can score with the next roll. One of the examples in this subcategory is 100 Bit Dice. Here all you have to do is move a slider, roll the dice and get big bucks as the RTP on this app is almost at 99%.
  3. Board games. Have you ever played Snakes and Ladders? If you like this game but want to add a little spice to it, you can play something like Banana Jones. In this game, you will have to roll the dice and help a monkey to cross over a field collecting diamonds. And like in Snakes and Ladders when you step on the snake you`ll fall back and if you step on a magical plant it will move you forward. For each roll of the dice, you`ll have to pay a fixed amount of credits that you can choose at the very beginning. The higher you bet the bigger prize you can get.
  4. Bingo games. In these types of arcades, you`ll get a field of numbers or symbols that you have to cross out to win. Modern bingo games can exploit different themes making each product unique. For example, the Sweet Alchemy Bingo where you have to help a little witch to brew a potion. 
  5. Scratchcards. If you are nostalgic for those little cards that you had to scratch with a coin, you can find different types of scratchcard games online. Some casinos put them in a separate category, but there are often not enough titles to do that. So they put them into the arcades section.
  6. Hunting/Fishing. These are the games that will require some skill from the player. Usually, in the beginning, you chose how much will it cost you to shoot or to throw a rod in the water. And then you need to hunt. If you are interested in such activities take a look at the Fish Catch game. It combines fishing and hunting. The game is very dynamic and can bring you not only tons of fun but also some big bucks.

And that are just the most popular subcategories within Arcades. And in every casino, you can find something new. So check out our reviews and pick the most exciting new games to try out.

Where to play arcades online?

You will find an arcade section in most of the well-respected casinos. Usually, it is a very vast category with multiple games from different providers. Actually, there can be so many games that you can get frustrated. So don`t take it too seriously, try out different options in demo mode until you find something you actually like. And if you`ll still have any troubles just revisit our website and check out reviews on arcades.