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Banana Jones

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rtp RTP 97.32%
max win Max Possible Win $75,000

The main characteristics

Game Name Banana Jones
Release Date 2020
Game Type Arcade
Platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Wild symbol
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Min Bet $0.20
Max Bet $5
Max Win $75,000

The Banana Jones Casino Game presents a novel spin on the conventional casino encounter. You will be tasked with guiding Banana Jones, an endearing monkey, through a jungle-themed board game instead of spinning reels or playing cards. Your mission is to assist Banana Jones in locating and acquiring the concealed treasures within the temple situated at the end of the board.

While traversing the board, one will confront a multitude of impediments and trials. Nevertheless, you will not be traveling alone on this voyage. You will encounter helpful animals who will accompany you on your expedition.

The opportunity to win substantial rewards raises excitement in the Banana Jones Casino Game. Unbelievably rewarding outcomes are possible with each action performed on the board, which may consist of additional rounds, free spins, or even a progressive jackpot.

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Screenshots Banana Jones

Banana Jones online game win
Banana Jones win box one
Banana Jones new game
Banana Jones win box prize
Banana Jones the way game
Banana Jones big win 5 dollars
Banana Jones online game win
Banana Jones win box one
Banana Jones new game
Banana Jones win box prize
Banana Jones the way game
Banana Jones big win 5 dollars


How to Play

Beginning with two die rolls, Banana Jones advances along the board in accordance with the outcomes of those rolls. Obstacles such as snakes and vegetation adorn the board, posing a potential deterrent or ally to Banana Jones during his expedition.

While traversing the board, one will come across unique spaces that can activate various events. Landing on a snake will retrace your steps a few spaces from the Temple of Banana, whereas landing on a vine will advance your ascent by a few spaces.

You will also acquire gemstones during your journey, which can be redeemed for rewards at the conclusion of the game.

Additionally, two unique characters, the Snake Charmer and the Leopold, can either aid or impede Banana Jones in his endeavors.

The Role of Dice

Banana Jones is significantly influenced by the dice, which lend an element of suspense and probability to the proceedings. The unpredictability created by the dice distinguishes each game as exciting and one-of-a-kind. With each roll, the dice determine your fate and carve out your path to victory.They serve as the catalyst that maintains your interest and anticipation for the subsequent roll. Therefore, in Banana Jones, if you harness the power of the dice, it will allow you to guide Banana Jones to the ultimate treasure.

Collecting Bonus Features

  • Banana Jones can be moved along the board using your dice results. Each roll dictates the distance and routes that can be traversed, which could lead you to more exciting bonus features.
  • Maintain vigilance for jewels as you traverse the board. Gaining gems will improve the likelihood of activating additional features.
  • Snakes should be avoided. Be wary of the slithering snakes. Returning home after landing on a snake will impede your progress and reduce your opportunities to earn additional rewards.
  • The final objective is to direct Banana Jones towards the temple. After reaching the temple, additional supplementary features and rewards will become available.

The Rewards and Prizes

An achievable incentive in the game Banana Jones is the Crystal Banana Quest. Accumulating bananas of various hues will grant you access to bonus features and increase your odds of obtaining a substantial sum. Free rolls, additional rewards, and multipliers are some features that can substantially increase your earnings. As the number of bananas accumulated increases, one approaches the ultimate reward.

Moreover, Banana Jones incorporates an exceptional Treasure Wheel element. This wheel offers the opportunity to turn and potentially acquire extraordinary rewards, including jackpot bonuses, free rolls, and additional dice rolls.

Strategies for Success

  1. Analyze the board thoroughly and devise your subsequent actions before executing any move. Consider the placements of the tendrils and snakes and the prospective benefits and challenges that await you.
  2. Gather an extensive assortment of gemstones, as they serve as critical elements in activating bonus features and augmenting one's profits. Concentrate on accumulating a maximum number of them while navigating the board.
  3. Make use of the special features. The Treasure Wheel and the Crystal Banana Quest are two of the many special features available in Banana Jones. In order to significantly increase your winnings, be certain to capitalize on these features whenever they manifest.
  4. Modify your wagers in accordance with the current state of the game and your bankroll. Excessive early wagering can rapidly deplete your funds, whereas insufficient betting can restrict your winning potential. Determine the optimal balance that complements your playing style and maximizes your winnings.

Banana Jones vs Other Casino Games

Banana Jones distinguishes itself from other casino games through its distinctive combination of strategic gameplay and thrilling elements. Traditional casino games like poker and slots provide thrills and substantial payouts. However, Banana Jones elevates the experience to an entirely new degree. You are thrust into an exhilarating jungle adventure in which you must traverse a perilous path in search of concealed treasures.Unlike traditional casino games, Banana Jones demands strategic decision-making to progress. To outwit obstacles and foes, you must exercise special abilities and carefully pick your movements.


  1. Banana Jones presents an inventive gameplay that inverts conventional casino fare by integrating components of slot machines and board games. This distinctive gameplay not only amuses but also introduces a stimulating degree of strategic consideration.
  2. In contrast to alternative casino games predicated solely on chance, Banana Jones features an intriguing narrative that tracks the exploits of a chimpanzee as he searches for concealed treasures. This narrative element immerses the player in Banana Jones' journey.
  3. Banana Jones's visually stimulating environment is established through vibrant and vivid graphics. Every setting, ranging from verdant jungles to perilous caverns, is exquisitely crafted to elevate the overall gaming experience.


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