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Cleocatra Slot December 2023

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Pragmatic Play software small logo Software Pragmatic Play
rtp RTP 96.20%
max win Max Possible Win $174,500

The main characteristics

Game Name Cleocatra
Release Date 2019
Game Type Slots
Number Of Lines 40
Platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Wild symbol
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Min Bet $0,20
Max Bet $100
Max Win $174,500

Pyramids, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics are among the symbols used in the game, which adds to the immersive experience for players.

Cleocatra slot features are one of its key draws. Players can earn free spins and multipliers, which can dramatically increase their wins. These bonus rounds are triggered by hitting specified symbol combinations on the reels, bringing excitement and anticipation to each spin.

Cleocatra has a high return-to-player (RTP of 96.20) ratio in addition to interesting gameplay. This means that gamblers should expect a reasonable return on their wagers over time, and play for real money.

Video Review

Video title


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Cleocatra online slot win 300 dollars
Cleocatra win 12 free games
Cleocatra slot many wild symbol
Cleocatra wins with ten symbol
Cleocatra win 17000 dollars
Cleocatra online slot win game
Cleocatra slot win congratulations


Limits Include Minimum and Maximum Bets

For individuals who want to take fewer risks or are new to slot games, the minimum stake serves as a starting point. This lower restriction helps players to participate in the game without being intimidated by high wagers. It allows them to become acquainted with the mechanics and features of Cleocatra while keeping a sense of security.

Cleocatra Slot Maximum Payouts

The max win payout determines the potential earnings in the Cleocatra game, which gives players the opportunity to earn big rewards dependent on their wagers and luck.

The highest payouts on the Cleocatra, latest slot machine differ according to the casino and its rules. Before engaging in gameplay, participants must become acquainted with these constraints.

The highest rewards on Cleocatra can be fairly substantial, allowing players to win large sums of money. Typically, these payments are calculated by multiplying the highest potential winning combination by the player's stake size. As a result, if players want to maximize their prospective gains, they must place larger wagers.

Cleocatra Game Rules

To begin, the amount of lines in the game affects the potential winning combinations, with more lines allowing more opportunities to win.

Second, the reel count refers to the number of vertical columns that spin during gaming and display a stack of cat symbols.

Players can set their wager amount per line with the bet options, providing them control over their risk and potential winnings.

Finally, for those who prefer a more hands-off approach, an autoplay mode is offered, allowing the game to automatically spin the reels for a certain number of times without manual input.

The Number of Lines

The layout of the lines of the Cleocatra slot machine is notable. This game has a total of 40 paylines that are fixed and cannot be changed. They are the paths that winning combinations might occur along, and the more paylines a player activates, the more likely they are to win.

Cleocatra's set number of 40 paylines ensures that players have a fair and consistent chance to win prizes. Players have the opportunity to align cleocatra symbols on any of these 40 lines with each spin, improving their chances of striking winning combos.

The Number of Reels

The number of reels of Cleocatra contributes to its vintage charm because it is set up in a traditional format. Players are engaged in a genuine casino experience reminiscent of old-school slot machines, with land on reels rotating independently.

The number of reels increases the diversity and thrill of potential winning combinations, which improves gameplay. Furthermore, it enables a greater number of symbols to be displayed at once, resulting in visually beautiful.

The five-reel layout also allows for more bonus features and a full stack of cat symbols such as wilds and scatters, giving a full stack of excitement and anticipation to each spin.

Overall, the presence of five reels in the Cleocatra adds to its immersive character and captures the feel of a classic casino ambiance.

  • More chances to win
  • Increased variety in symbol combinations
  • Enhanced visual presentation
  • Exciting bonus features

Optional Bets

We addressed the number of reels in the Cleocatra game in the preceding subtopic. Let us now turn our attention to another critical component to play this slot: the betting possibilities. Bet options relate to the various betting amounts available to players when playing Cleocatra. This gives players the ability to regulate their amount of risk and customize their gameplay experience to their tastes.

Let's check at the table below to better comprehend the possible bet options in Cleocatra:

Bet LevelBetting Amount
Low$0.10 - $1.00
Medium$1.00 - $5.00
High$5.00 - $10.00

The table displays three unique bet levels, each with its own betting amount. Based on their comfort level and desired stakes, players can choose a low, medium, or high betting amount.

Cleocatra delivers an inclusive gaming atmosphere by offering a variety of wager possibilities, allowing players to select a reasonable betting quantity that matches with their personal tastes and budget limits.


In the Cleocatra game, autoplay allows players to select their favorite amount of spins, sit back, and watch as the free plays for them. For players who want a more passive experience, this feature gives convenience and a sense of calm. Autoplay allows players to participate in other activities while still enjoying the game's potential rewards by reducing the need for manual interaction after establishing the desired parameters.

Furthermore, this function appeals to folks who may have limited time or prefer not to put up too much effort in their gameplay. Autoplay makes it simple and easy to participate in Cleocatra without sacrificing excitement or entertainment value. It improves the overall experience by providing a choice that caters to varied player preferences and fosters a sense of belonging among users with diverse origins and interests.

Cleocatra Machine Instructions

When playing a Cleocatra Machine, players can select the number of lines they wish to play.

Following the selection of the required number of lines, players can move to the game's bet selection.

After making these decisions, all that remains is to push the Spin button and pray for a successful outcome that results in a win.

Select the Number of Lines to be Played

In the Cleocatra game, players can choose the number of lines they want to play, giving for a more personalized and strategic experience.

The number of lines selected by players impacts their chances of winning. By picking additional lines, players increase the number of possible combinations, increasing their total odds. It is crucial to note, however, that playing all available lines may necessitate a larger wager sum.

Choosing fewer lines, on the other hand, minimizes the initial stake but also limits prospective winning opportunities. As a result, when determining how many lines to play, players must carefully weigh their preferred level of risk and return.

This allows each player to personalize their gameplay experience while still creating an immersive and engaging ambiance within the game.

Choose Your Bet for the Game

Players can carefully select their desired bet amount to maximize their possible wins and optimize their overall gaming experience. When choosing a bet for the Cleocatra game, keep the following four factors in mind:

  • Bankroll management: Players should determine the amount of money they are comfortable risking and ensure that their chosen bet aligns with this budget.
  • Risk level: Different bets offer varying levels of risk and reward. Players can select a lower bet for more conservative route or a higher bet for a chance at bigger winnings.
  • Game duration: The size of the chosen bet can affect how long players are able to enjoy the game. A smaller bet may allow for more extended playtime, while a larger bet might lead to shorter but potentially more intense sessions.
  • Bonus features: Some slot games offer free spin rounds or special features that become more accessible with higher bets. Players may want to consider if these additional elements enhance their enjoyment and adjust their bets accordingly.

Players can make an informed decision about their desired stake and improve their entire experience on Cleocatra by carefully evaluating these elements.

Click the Spin Button

The Spin button starts the game, allowing for randomized outcomes and potential winning combinations. As players wait to see where the reels will land, the excitement grows. A 2 column by 3 row table displaying the potential symbols and their accompanying payments can be utilized to promote a sense of belonging and excitement. The viewer feels an emotional connection with this visual representation as they imagine themselves spinning the reels and experience the pleasure of hitting a worthwhile combination.

Obtain a Victory if You are Successful

If a win is obtained, players have the option to win the game and maybe boost their rewards. This adds to the excitement and anticipation as players anticipate the outcome of each spin. The prospect of winning boosts motivation and engagement, motivating players to keep playing and discovering the Cleocatra slot from pragmatic play.

Players that are successful may receive a variety of incentives, including:

  • Increased virtual currency or points
  • Unlocking new levels or features within the game
  • Access respins and free spins

Cleocatra Pros and Cons

The engaging concept of the Cleocatra brings players back to Egypt, which is one perk of playing it. The game transports players to a world of pharaohs, pyramids, and Queen Cleopatra, instilling a sense of wonder and adventure. This can be especially intriguing to people who are interested in history or ancient civilizations.

However, as with any other games, there are some disadvantages to consider when playing Cleocatra. One downside is that the game is mainly reliant on chance rather than talent. As a result, even experienced players may not always obtain the desired result. Furthermore, like with any type of gambling, there is always the possibility of losing money when playing Cleocatra.

Best Pragmatic Play Software's Cleocatra

Pragmatic Play's Cleocatra, set in the rich tapestry of Egypt, captivates players with its enchanting subject and captivating game. Pragmatic Play, the software supplier, is well-known for its high-quality slots that provide gamers with immersive experiences.

The stacked cat symbols and graphics are meticulously developed to create an authentic environment that transports players back in time. Every facet of the game immerses players in Egyptian culture and history, from the pyramids to the legendary Sphinx.

Cleocatra has a range of game features that keep players involved and delighted. There are numerous potential for winning with its five reels and 40 paylines. The game also incorporates extra elements that can trigger free spins and multiplier wild, which add excitement and raise possible profits.

Cleocatra by Pragmatic Play has gone for both new and seasoned slot gamers. Its user-friendly design makes navigation simple, and its intriguing concept appeals to individuals looking for a sense of belonging in an Egyptian milieu.

What is the RTP of the Cleocatra?

The RTP (Return to Player) of the Cleocatra slot is an important feature for players who want to optimize their potential earnings and make informed decisions regarding their game.

The percentage of all wagers placed on the game that will be repaid to players over time is referred to as the RTP. In the case of Cleocatra, the has a 96.2% RTP. This indicates that for every $1 wagered, gamblers can expect a return of $0.955.

While the RTP of the Cleocatra machine is useful for predicting expected returns, it does not guarantee individual success or forecast particular outcomes for any given player's session. A random number generator (RNG) determines the outcome of each spin in this game, providing fairness and impartiality.

Cleocatra Slot's Volatility

Volatility refers to the level of risk involved with a specific game, and it is an important factor in determining the frequency and quantity of winnings. A high volatility slot, such as Cleocatra, has fewer but potentially greater rewards, whereas a low volatility has more frequent but lesser jackpots.

Let's look at the table below to get a better sense of the volatility at Cleocatra:

Volatility LevelDescription
LowOffers frequent small wins with lower risk
MediumBalances between small and large wins
HighProvides infrequent big wins with higher risk

Understanding volatility is critical for players because it allows them to make decisions based on their preferences and bankroll. Those looking for consistent game may prefer low volatility, but high-risk enthusiasts may prefer high volatility such as Cleocatra.

Demo Game for Free

The availability of a free slot demo game is an intriguing element for players looking for familiarity and knowledge before investing real money. Cleocatra caters to individuals who value both entertainment and informed decision-making by providing a risk-free opportunity to study the video slot from pragmatic play.

The addition of a free base game is consistent with current industry norms, demonstrating a knowledge of player preferences and demands. This strategy recognizes that potential players may want to feel like they belong in the gaming community, where they can test their abilities and strategies without fear of financial repercussions. Furthermore, it allows beginners to immerse themselves in pragmatic play slots.

The Main Symbols in the Cleocatra Slots Machine

The stacked cat symbols in the Cleocatra game will be discussed in this section, including the Scatter symbol, Bonus symbol, Wild symbol, Wild Multiplier, and Respins.

When the paw print Scatter symbol appears in specified combinations, it can activate free spins or bonus rounds.

Within the game, the Bonus symbol frequently activates special bonus features or mini-games.

The Wild symbol substitutes for other symbols to help form winning combinations, and the Wild Multiplier of x2 or x3 contributes to.

Finally, Respins allow players a free spins feature with select reels while keeping others fixed in place.

The Scatter Sign

This symbol in Cleopatra increases the game's excitement and unpredictability. It entices players with the possibility of triggering additional features like the cat-a-pult free spins round and the random multiplier . This symbol is represented by a special image that does not need to appear on a payline in order for its benefits to be activated. It can instead appear anywhere on the reels. Players can profit as long as there are at least three to five matching cat symbols.

The most important benefits of landing Scatters are free spins with sticky wilds, multipliers, and even access to special bonus offers. These features provide players more chances to earn higher sums of money and improve their entire experience.

Symbol of Bonus

Following the examination of the scatter symbol in the Cleocatra game, it is necessary to look into another key aspect, namely the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is a critical component that activates extra elements inside the game, frequently resulting to improved winning potential for players.

When this symbol appears in precise combinations or quantities across the reels, it opens various bonus rounds or free spins, which can be quite beneficial for players looking to optimize their gains. Cleocatra adds an extra element of excitement and involvement to games by introducing this feature.

The potential prizes depending on the number of these bonus symbols inspire players, providing a sense of belonging and fulfillment within the gaming community. The existence of such elements improves the entire experience and applied to the winning feeling.

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is an important feature in the Cleocatra game since it can substitute for other symbols that appear on all reels, forming winning combos and increasing players' chances of winning.

The wild symbol in Cleopatra is a depiction of Cleopatra herself. When this symbol appears on the reels, it can be used to build a winning combination with any other normal symbol. This enables players to finish winning lines that would have been difficult to accomplish otherwise.

Furthermore, when numerous wild symbols appear, added together with the payline, they might form their own winning combos, leading in even greater prizes.

The existence of the slot wild symbol increases the game's excitement and unpredictability, making it more appealing to players seeking both entertainment and potential rewards.

Multiplier of the Wild

The wild symbol in Cleocatra has the power to operate as a multiplier, increasing the value of every winning combination it contributes to. This adds excitement and the possibility of additional rewards to the experience.

When a wild sign replaces another symbol in a winning combination, it not only replaces that symbol, but it also multiplies the winnings by a predetermined factor. Depending on the game's design and rules, the actual multiplier value may vary.

This feature increases players' chances of winning larger rewards and motivates them to keep playing for bigger jackpots.

By combining such aspects into Cleocatra, the developers have produced an interesting and immersive game that appeals to people looking for both amusement and increased monetary gains.


Cleocatra includes a respin option to enhance the game experience, allowing players to spin select reels again while keeping the remaining symbols in place. This function creates a sense of excitement and suspense because players might potentially improve their win rate.

When certain circumstances are met, such as landing on specified symbols or attaining certain outcomes during gameplay, the respin feature is activated. Cleocatra hopes to provide players with more possibilities to win and to extend their game sessions by including this function.

Respins offer richness and unpredictability to the gameplay, keeping players engaged and delighted throughout their time playing Cleocatra. This feature appeals to an audience looking for a sense of belonging within the gaming community by offering possibilities for extended play and potential rewards.

Symbol of a blocker

The blocker symbol is a unique element in Cleocatra game that poses a challenge to players by preventing specific reels from spinning and potentially forming winning combos. This symbol increases the game's difficulty and excitement by challenging players to strategize and change their approach.

The appearance of the blocker sign can elicit a variety of feelings from the audience, including excitement, frustration, determination, and satisfaction. Its existence in the game fosters a sense of connection among players who like overcoming challenges and putting their talents to the test.

Spin and Hold

The 'Blocker symbol' in the Cleocatra slot game was described in the previous subtopic. Let's have a look at another fascinating function called 'Hold and Spin.'

This feature adds a new level of excitement to the experience. When this feature is activated, certain symbols are locked in place while the remaining reels spin, allowing players the opportunity to generate winning rate. The retained symbols may result in larger rewards or the activation of further bonus rounds.

This mechanic not only heightens the suspense but also gives players control over their fate in the game. Cleocatra slot, with its Hold and Spin function, provides a fascinating and immersive game experience for those looking for pleasure and enjoyment within a community of ardent slot players.

Cleocatra Slots Machine for Real Money

Gamblers looking for an intriguing and potentially rewarding experience may find the Cleocatra to be an enticing alternative for real money play. This Egyptian-themed game allows players to immerse themselves in the culture of ancient Egypt while also having the potential to win money.

Here are three reasons why you should play Cleocatra 1. Cleocatra has an authentic and immersive theme that transports players back in time to ancient Egypt. The game has amazing graphics, fascinating symbols, and an enthralling soundtrack that contributes to the entire ambiance.

  1. Lucrative Bonus Features: The Cleocatra offers various bonus features that can significantly boost your winnings. One such feature is the Hold and Spin feature, where players have the chance to lock in certain symbols while spinning the remaining reels for even bigger rewards.
  2. Real Money Potential: Playing Cleocatra for money gives players the opportunity to win substantial cash prizes. With its high RTP (Return-to-Player) rate and multiple ways to win, this game has the potential for significant payouts.

Overall, Cleocatra offers a fun and rewarding experience for those who want to try their luck with money gambling. Its authentic premise, attractive extra features, and possibility for big wins make it an appealing choice for gamblers looking to fit into this specific genre of online games.

Cleocatra Slot Bonus Spins

The previous subtopic highlighted the Cleocatra for money, emphasizing its features and the possibility of winning money. Now, let's go into the current subtopic: Cleopatra Slot Free Spins.

Online casinos regularly use free spins as a promotional technique to attract and keep players. This is especially true for popular games like Cleocatra, where free spins offer an additional option to play without jeopardizing one's own money.

Free spins on the Cleocatra allow players to spin the reels without losing any credits. These extra rounds are frequently triggered by special symbols or bonus elements inside the game. The quantity of free spins provided might vary depending on a number of circumstances, such as the number of triggering symbols or the outcome of a random draw.

Furthermore, these free rounds provide an ideal opportunity for players to become acquainted with the mechanics of Cleocatra and maybe discover secret techniques or unlock additional features that could improve their experience.

By providing an inclusive experience that allows exploration without financial risk, free spins on the Cleocatra assist to developing a sense of belonging within its player community.

Is there a Chance to Win Twice on the Cleocatra Slot?

A feature that allows you to double your winnings on the famous Egyptian-themed game allows you to increase your winnings.

The Cleocatra game immerses players in an immersive experience in which they can travel to ancient Egypt and potentially quadruple their initial earnings.

The game contains a variety of symbols and elements that add to the thrill and entertainment value. The double win option, for example, allows players to boost their winnings by two. This feature is triggered when particular symbol combinations appear on the reels, prompting a bonus round in which players can double their winnings.

Players can dramatically increase their overall wins by wisely exploiting this function. It adds a sense of suspense and excitement to the game, as players eagerly anticipate the outcome of each spin in the hopes of securing a huge double win.

This feature makes the Cleocatra machine more enticing to people seeking not just enjoyment but also chances for significant cash advantages.

Through its double win feature, the Cleocatra game offers an exciting possibility for players to increase their profits. With its interesting concept and rewarding gameplay mechanics, this Egyptian-themed slot appeals to those seeking both entertainment and potential monetary gains.

What are the Best Gadgets for Playing the Cleocatra?

This discussion will concentrate on the finest gadgets for playing the Cleocatra game.

Mobile phones, in particular, give a simple and portable choice for playing the game on the go.

Desktop PCs have a larger screen and possibly better graphics for a more immersive gaming experience.

Tablet computers combine the portability of mobile phones with the larger screen size of desktop computers, making them an appealing option for playing Cleocatra.


Mobile gaming has grown in popularity in recent years, making it an important and powerful part of the business. The Cleocatra machine is no exception, as it provides a flawless and immersive experience on mobile devices. Here are four reasons why playing the Cleocatra on mobile might make you feel at home:

  1. Accessibility: Mobile devices provide easy access to the Cleocatra anytime and anywhere, allowing players to enjoy the game at their convenience.
  2. Community: Mobile gaming platforms often foster communities where players can connect with like-minded individuals, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie.
  3. Social Features: The Cleocatra on mobile may include social features such as leaderboards or multiplayer options, enhancing the feeling of being part of a larger group.
  4. Personalization: Mobile devices offer customization options that allow players to personalize their experience, promoting individuality within the community.

Users can feel connected to a bigger gaming community while enjoying an engaging and personalized experience by playing the Cleocatra on mobile.


Desktop gaming provides numerous benefits and unique features that add to a rich and immersive gaming experience. In comparison to mobile devices, desktop computers deliver greater graphics, faster processing rates, and smoother gaming due to their formidable hardware capabilities.

The greater screen size of desktop monitors improves visual details and overall game immersion. Furthermore, the broad choice of desktop gaming accessories available, like as mechanical keyboards and high-precise mouse, provides greater control and precision during games.

Desktop gaming also offers a more comfortable environment, with ergonomic chairs and workstations created expressly for long durations of play. Desktop gaming provides options for multiplayer experiences via internet platforms, encouraging social relationships among like-minded individuals who have similar interests in the Cleocatra game or other genres.


Tablets provide a portable and varied gaming experience, allowing users to easily enjoy their favorite games on the go. Cleocatra game is no exception, since it can be accessed and played on tablets, offering players with ease and flexibility. Cleocatra offers to those looking for an immersive gaming experience with its compelling theme centered on ancient Egypt and outstanding graphics. The perfect integration of the game with tablet devices boosts the visual effects, making the gaming even more engaging. A two-column, three-row table highlighting the game's features can be provided to give players a sense of belonging:

Ancient ThemeImmerse yourself in ancient Egypt
Stunning GraphicsEnjoy visually appealing symbols
Mobile-friendlyPlay anytime, anywhere

This table not only gives facts but also builds an emotional connection by stressing Cleocatra's particular characteristics, making gamers feel as though they belong in this intriguing realm of Egypt.

When Can You Play the Cleocatra Machine?

Due to age limits imposed by internet gambling rules, minors are not permitted to play the Cleocatra game. These rules are in place to safeguard vulnerable people and to reduce the risks involved with gambling. Parents and guardians must be aware of these prohibitions and ensure that their children do not access or participate in online gambling activities.

Consider the following points to better understand the reasoning behind these age restrictions:

  • Age verification: Online gambling platforms typically require users to verify their age before accessing any games or placing bets. This process helps prevent minors from participating in gambling activities.
  • Legal implications: Allowing minors to gamble can lead to legal issues for both the online platform and the individuals involved. Age restrictions help ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Responsible gambling: By restricting access to minors, online gambling platforms aim to promote responsible gambling practices among adults while minimizing potential harm caused by excessive or problematic behavior.

Online gambling companies aim to establish a safe and secure environment for users who are legally permitted to participate in such activities by instituting age restrictions.

How to Win at Cleocatra Machine

To improve your chances of winning, it is critical to grasp the numerous methods and approaches used by professional Cleocatra players.

One successful method is to carefully analyze the paytable of the Cleocatra game. This will provide you with a comprehensive grasp of the great combinations and their associated prizes.

It is also critical to manage your money wisely. Setting a budget for each gaming session will help you avoid overspending and guarantee you have enough finances to play for a long time.

Another strategy used by expert players is to take use of extra features and special symbols in the game. Cleocatra features a variety of extra rounds, including as free spins and mini-games, that can dramatically boost your chances of winning large. Paying attention to these elements and effectively employing them can considerably improve your overall experience.

Furthermore, when playing Cleocatra slot, patience is essential. It is critical to resist the desire to chase losses or make rash wagers. Instead, take your time, study patterns, and make reasoned decisions based on the available information.

Understanding the various strategies and approaches used by skilled players can significantly increase your chances of winning in Cleocatra slot games. You may increase your chances of success in this popular casino game by knowing the paytable, managing your bankroll efficiently, applying bonus features judiciously, and practicing patience.

The Last Word on the Cleocatra Role

When assessing the Cleocatra, it is clear that a thorough examination of its features and gaming mechanics is required in order to make an informed decision. With its bright graphics and captivating soundtrack, this famous online game transports players to Egypt.

Here are three notable features of the Cleocatra:

  • Engaging Gameplay: The game offers a variety of exciting features such as free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds, keeping players entertained throughout their gaming experience.
  • High Winning Potential: With a generous RTP (Return to Player) rate and multiple ways to win, Cleocatra presents players with ample opportunities to strike it lucky.
  • Immersive Theme: The ancient Egyptian theme is beautifully captured through stunning visuals and authentic sound effects, creating an immersive atmosphere that allows players to feel transported back in time.

Overall, the Cleocatra machine stands out due to its fascinating gameplay mechanics, huge winning potential, and engrossing concept. While individual encounters may differ due to the randomness of gambling outcomes, this game gives a nice experience for those looking for fun in the realm of online slots.