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Blackjack NetEnt

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NetEnt software small logo Software NetEnt
rtp RTP 99.59%
max win Max Possible Win €30,000

The main characteristics

Game Name Blackjack NetEnt
Release Date 2017
Game Type Blackjack
Platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Wild symbol
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Min Bet €1,00
Max Bet €15,000
Max Win €30,000

Oh this game has many faces indeed. BlackJack, 21 and other names across different countries but the idea of the game is almost the same with just several minor differences. Not only teenagers desire to see the number 21, mostly, in their passports, but many adults all over the world pray to get this number sitting at the casino table. We’re the first generation of mankind that beholds the shift from ordinary physical reality to the digital one and it would be extremely boring and hopeless sort of virtual world if it had no games in it.

Thanks to many developers, we have a lot of options to have fun without going outside or traveling a long distance to reach the wonderful world of gambling. It’s enough to have a smartphone or any desktop PC or laptop right now to engage the process and even hit the jackpot while sipping your coffee. Today’s product is one of the most entertaining creations made exclusively for mobile devices and it is literally a very interesting thing to explore and inspect. Let’s get started.

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As is it usual for NetEnt, this game has every classical element in it seasoned with modern “spices”. Detailed cards, cozy textures, comprehensible minimalistic user’s interface optimized for best mobile experience. There are literally only a few clickable areas on the playing screen and nowhere to get lost. As it is a mobile-only products, it can’t be judged for some functional simplicity, because it works and it is BlackJack, nothing extraordinary can happen.  It also includes some basic sound design which is enough for this sort of virtual card game. Animations are smooth on any device, no bugs or glitches were spotted during my tests. All in all it is perfectly made for any mobile platform player.

Video Review

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Blackjack online card game 21 win
Blackjack online win 1000 dollars
Blackjack online win 4000 dollars
Blackjack online win 6000 dollars
Blackjack online win double 6000
Blackjack online card game 21 win
Blackjack online win 1000 dollars
Blackjack online win 4000 dollars
Blackjack online win 6000 dollars
Blackjack online win double 6000

How to play

So the rules are pretty simple: you make the bet and then you start the game. After the cards are dealt you see the total number you’ve got and you may tap “hit” to get one more card or to leave everything as it is by tapping “stand”. You need to approach the number 21 as close as possible and beat the dealer’s hand to win. There are several strategies to win and you may try each of them to know which one fits you the most.


$1 chip stands for the minimal bet and four $10 chips are the maximal $40 total bet in this game. So the maximal amount you may win playing just a basic game is $80. But this number may be multiplied if you’re lucky and you manage to win a split round – in this case you double you reward to a maximum of $160. This game also has an unbelievably high RTP – 99,59%.

Overall impressions

Let’s be honest, this game is very basic and simplified but, once again, it is BlackJack, what should we expect from it? It has every trait of the original card game, every function is included, intuitively comprehensible interface and each feature works properly so there is nothing to worry about or to get disappointed. Considering the limitations of mobile devices, this game is well-optimized. So I think it is definitely worth trying and for those who like to gamble anywhere – it is a great solution.