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Sweet Alchemy Bingo

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Play'n Go software small logo Software Play'n Go
rtp RTP 98.25%
max win Max Possible Win $186,000

The main characteristics

Game Name Sweet Alchemy Bingo
Release Date 2020
Game Type Bingo
Platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Wild symbol
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Min Bet $0.20
Max Bet $284
Max Win $186,000

Sweet Alchemy Bingo is a social game that allows you to communicate with other players from all over the world, participate in chat rooms, and make new friends. The game has a number of multiplayer modes that allow you to join forces with other players and compete against them in entertaining and demanding bingo bouts.

Sweet Alchemy Bingo also has a diverse set of gameplay features to keep you entertained. This game provides a broad and exhilarating experience, with everything from unique power-ups and special powers to hard puzzles and objectives. As you go through the game, you will be able to customize your own bingo cards, select from a range of themes, and visit new worlds.

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Screenshots Sweet Alchemy Bingo Game by Play`n Go

Sweet Alchemy bingo win 7914 dollars
Sweet Alchemy bingo first game
Sweet Alchemy bingo big win
Sweet Alchemy bingo new game
Sweet Alchemy bingo magic symbol
Sweet Alchemy bingo win 7914 dollars
Sweet Alchemy bingo first game
Sweet Alchemy bingo big win
Sweet Alchemy bingo new game
Sweet Alchemy bingo magic symbol


How to Play

The goal of the bingo game is to match as many symbols on your bingo card as possible in order to form winning patterns and receive rewards.

Sweet Alchemy Bingo will give you a 9x9 grid card with a different symbol in each spot. The grid is initially filled with 15 random symbols to begin the game. The symbols will change and new ones will surface as the game proceeds.

Horizontal lines, vertical lines, and specialized forms are examples of winning patterns. The more patterns you complete, the more likely you are to win. The game will continue until a player has completed the required number of patterns or has called all of the symbols on the grid.

Promotions and Bonuses

  1. Start your Sweet Alchemy Bingo adventure on a high note with a generous welcome bonus. This bonus is designed to give you a boost right from the beginning, allowing you to explore the game with extra funds.
  2. Stay ahead of the game with a deposit bonus. By depositing a certain amount, you can receive a percentage of that deposit as a bonus. This means more funds to play with and more opportunities to win.
  3. Sweet Alchemy Bingo offers free spins as a special promotion to keep the excitement going. Use these spins to play for free and increase your chances of hitting those winning combinations.

Collecting Sugar Rush Patterns

You can boost your chances of winning large and experience the sweet taste of triumph by collecting Sugar Rush patterns.Here are the four methods for collecting Sugar Rush patterns:

  1. Fill the entire border of your bingo card: This classic pattern requires you to mark off all the numbers along the edges of your card. It may take some time and strategy, but the satisfaction of completing this pattern is worth it.
  2. Create an X-shaped pattern: Cross your fingers and hope for the best as you mark off the numbers to form an X shape on your card.
  3. Mark off a specific shape: Keep an eye out for the designated shape of the round. It could be anything from a heart to a star. Be quick and precise in marking off the numbers to form the required shape.
  4. Complete a full house: This pattern is the ultimate goal in Sweet Alchemy Bingo. It requires you to mark off all the numbers on your card. It may be challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Alchemy Meter Feature

The Alchemy Meter, which is separated into various tiers, is located on the left side of your screen. Each level marks a new step on your path to becoming a master alchemist. The Alchemy Meter steadily fills up as you play the game and mark off numbers on your cards.

When the Alchemy Meter is full, the Elixir of Power bonus round will begin. In this round, you'll be able to choose from a variety of potions, each providing a distinct reward. The greater your level on the Alchemy Meter, the more valuable your potions will be.

Power-Up Spells

As you progress through the game, you can obtain unique abilities called Power-Up Spells that provide a variety of bonuses. These bonuses include uncovering secret numbers, adding extra symbols to your card, and even earning you bonus rounds. Each spell has a distinct impact that adds a sense of surprise and suspense to your gaming.

Mystery Chests

Inside the Mystery Chests, you may find rare and powerful spells that can help you excel in the game. These spells can boost your chances of winning big and provide you with an edge over your competitors.It can include free spins, additional power-ups, or even access to special bingo rooms reserved for the lucky few who manage to unlock these chests.

Sugar Bombs Role

Sugar Bombs are important in Sweet Alchemy Bingo because they bring an explosive aspect to your gameplay experience. These potent bombs will assist you in clearing more numbers from your bingo card, boosting your chances of winning. Let's take a deeper look at the Sugar Bomb kinds and their effects:

Sugar Bomb


Candy Blast

Clears a row or column on your bingo card, creating more opportunities


Clears all the numbers on a specific pattern, bringing you closer to a bingo

Jelly Burst

Clears a cluster of numbers, opening up space for new ones to appear

Caramel Pop

Clears a random number on your bingo card, adding excitement to the game


Clears all the numbers of a specific color, giving you a bingo boost

Tips and Tricks

Use the following tips to improve your gaming experience and raise your chances of winning big:

  1. Set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure that you’re playing responsibly.
  2. Buying multiple cards can significantly improve your odds of winning. By having more cards in play, you increase the number of possible winning combinations.
  3. Keep an eye out for patterns on your cards and mark them off as they appear. Recognizing patterns can help you predict the next numbers and increase your chances of completing a winning combination.
  4. Sweet Alchemy Bingo offers various power-ups that can give you an edge in the game. Make sure to use them strategically to increase your chances of winning.

The Final Words

To begin, it is critical to manage your budget wisely. Decide how much you're willing to spend and stick to it. This will save you from overspending and allow you to continue playing without financial stress.

Second, take advantage of the game’s power-ups and unique features. These can help you increase your earnings and multiply your benefits. Be on the lookout for these opportunities and seize them.

Additionally, stay focused and pay attention to the patterns on your bingo card. Understanding the various patterns and how they can lead to a win can give you an edge over other players.


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