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Find the best video poker machine, with detailed reviews of each machine and a selection of tips and strategies to help you win more hands. We provide information on all the different types of Video Poker machines, where to play them, the top games and more.

How To Play

Even if you are a total casino rookie and have never have played any poker before, there`s a chance that you still somehow heard of that game. That`s how popular it is. So let`s check out the basic rules of this fabulous game.

How to play poker

Doesn`t matter where you decide to play, poker is a game where you won`t be completely alone. In real-life casinos or online and offline poker rooms, you`ll be competing with other gamblers. And in the online casino versions from various providers, you`ll play against the dealer.

The main rules are quite simple. Whether you use your PC or sit at the real table, in every version, you`ll get a hand of multiple cards. After that, you need to find the strongest combination that you can collect from your cards. In some versions you will be allowed to change your cards for some chips, in some, you can add cards that are displayed on the table, and in some, you will be left with what you`ve got. When you get your combo you`ll need to decide whether you can beat your opponents with it or not. In real-life poker here comes the bluffing game and in the online versions, you can rely only on your calculations and luck.

Variations of poker

As a game poker was created a long time ago. Since then it spread around the world and changed quite a bit. And now we have a handful of unique versions that are popular in different countries, regions, and states.

Texas Hold`em and Omaha Poker

Those are the most popular and well-known types of poker that you can get acquainted with almost in every gambling establishment. The rules are quite the same although these variations do have some considerable differences to them.

  • In Texas Hold`em all the players at the table receive 2 cards each and 5 more will be displayed as community cards in three stages. Here you can make your combination with those 7 cards and the winner is that player who got the highest or took the bank before others opened their 2 cards.
  • The Omaha version is popular in some states of the USA. In this type of poker, you`ll receive 4 cards in the beginning and only you will be able to see them. After that 5 more community cards will be displayed on the table in three stages as well. To collect a combination, you have to use 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the table.

The combos are the same in all of the poker variations. From Flash Royal to the Pair or the highest card. If you are planning to play for the first time you can google the chart and print it out to have in front of you.

Those are the versions that are highly dependent on bluffing, psychology, and reading the faces of others. They are mostly played in real-life casinos and poker rooms that take these peculiarities into account. But if you want to play them online the software providers often make some adjustments to make the game fair without personal contact with other gamers.

Stud and Razz Poker

Those are the more exotic 7-card versions where you have no community cards to share with others. Here you`ll receive 7 cards, the first 2 and the last one only you can see, and 4 cards will be open to your opponents. The draw is going in 5 stages and on each one, all of you get to decide whether to fold and give up or to raise your stakes.

The main differences between those 2 versions are the following. In Stud poker, the winner is the player who got the strongest hand or convinced his opponents that he has one by bluffing. And in the Razz version, the best combo is the lowest. So the top combination is Ace-2-3, Ace being the lowest card in the deck.

Badugi Poker

This is a Korean version of classical poker that became quite popular over the years. This is a triple-draw game where you can exchange your cards as much as you like. Here you have either to convince your opponents that you have the lowest hand or to collect one. The goal is to get the lowest cards of different suits and values.

Other types of poker

In online casinos, you`ll find a vast variety of poker games. Most of them are based on the classical versions that we`ve described. But every provider tries to add a little twist to make the game more interesting and less dependable on the bluffing. In most of them, you will be playing only against the bank. That is of course if you play not in the Live mode in the special lobby of the casino.

Where to play online poker?

If you decided to dive into the world of wonders that is online poker you have 2 major options to choose from:

  1. poker rooms where you have nothing else except poker;
  2. online casinos where you can make a break and switch to some other game.

The first ones are strictly poker oriented so you won`t be able to switch to something else if you want to. But in online casinos, you won`t find as many options to play Live. But there is a solution to have it all.

Some major casino providers open their own poker rooms. You create and verify a single online account and can access both the casino and the poker room. And sometimes they even act as a bookie, so you can also use your account to make bets. To pick the most trustworthy web portal you can check out our own casino ratings that we update on the regular basis.

Review Continued

Fancy some gambling? You have chosen the right resource to learn everything you need about this sphere. We believe you know that the most popular and definitely world famous game in this genre is poker.

Having an extensive history with a great amount of breathtaking moments and highlights, this game has captured the central point of gamblers’ interest and have massively multiplied its presence on the market, especially nowadays, when virtual casinos are slowly but surely gaining their power, respect and quality. But how to instantly get started with the best products you may ever find in this endless ocean of options? Well, that mission has been made easy by our team exactly for you.

Right here you may find the list of the “greatest of all times” products in this category, carefully selected and verified by our specialists and a lot of experienced gamblers around the world. To find out more, scan this page and the products it contains and read the information about each game. It’s also very useful to get acquainted with the users’ reviews in the relevant section. After everything is done right, you may proceed to making your balanced decision and step into the game right away.

Good luck!