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How much earns MGM Resort

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Seems like this year has all the chances to break the negative dynamics of the post-COVID period for gambling facilities around the world. And some promising numbers have already been published by MGM Resort in the latest report.

According to the official documents, the company has managed to achieve a groundbreaking result of $3.9 billion net profit in the first quarter of 2023. This result is almost 40% better than analogical period of the previous year and obviously gives hope for recovery of gambling market participants after all these years of stagnation.

As it comes from the company’s report, MGM China has achieved even more significant success and demonstrated one of the most impressive numbers throughout the period of the last 4 years – 130% increase in revenue compared to the first quarter of the previous year. Based on this data, we can definitely speak about consequential recovery of the market and second breath of modern gambling.

Speaking about the heart of gambling, of course we mean Las Vegas Strip resorts, another wonderful metamorphosis has taken place out there and a rocket-jump of 31% income increase has been marked in the recent statistics. Considering these results, we can expect increased activity of gamblers and facilities of the gambling market as well as increased payrolls in the upcoming months.

It has been already stated that payroll pool has been expanded up to $128 million and it will surely involve more people around the world to virtual and real tables here and there in search of luck, high stakes and amazing rewards.

How much earns MGM Resort