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Half a million tourists in Macau

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Labour Day holiday arranges almost half a million tourists in Macau!

One of the most remarkable places for gambling around the world is Macau, China, cultural destination for millions of people every year. Although, more than half of these tourists have come from different locations of China itself, the traffic is still very and very impressing.

As many other regions and continents, Macau suffered a severe financial and social damage during COVID-19 pandemic, nevertheless, it shows some wonderful recovery statistics this year and gives a lot of hope for Asian gamblers and tourists.

Only in January 2023, most of restrictive measures covering touristic business and social measures applied by the government were canceled which led to the rocket-jump in moving around China for thousands of people, so nowadays it is one of the best places to visit for gamblers around the world once again!

If you seek gambling or cultural attractions – this place offers you various types of entertainment for all types of adventurers: wonderful architecture, historical sightseeings and modern facilities to please every taste and demand.

Got some time and money to spare? You should definitely join the carnival of life in Macau and enjoy everything at its fullest!

Half a million tourists in Macau