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Martingale Roulette

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Every time a person thinks about gambling for the very first time, he or she normally imagines a perfect winning strategy that can attract Lady Fortune with bags full of gold. People has been always thinking about the universal golden key that may open a door to the world of prosperity and wealth. And there are some strategies that have a long-lasting history and are still widely used by the gamblers around the world.

Martingale must be the oldest system of bet management that was created centuries ago probably at the moment when the first real casinos were opened. But what can attract such a big amount of people to just one “ancient” strategy? The answer is simple – mathematics. This strategy has a pretty balanced and logical mathematical explanation but as we know – math doesn’t work in casinos the way we want it to work. Let’s find out more about the core of Martingale and learn everything about its pros and cons.

The idea

It all started with an idea that one and the same result can’t be repeated endlessly. It’s easy to check using plenty of ways: from usual coin throw and dice roll, to complicated statistics and researches. So that idea has built a basis for the strategy. But what is the core of Martingale strategy? So it basically consists of several steps:

  • First you choose the bet amount you start with according to your current bankroll.
  • Then, you choose the game you want to participate in and make a first result prediction. If the result is negative, double up your bet until you reach the positive result and as soon as you have reached it – go back to the initial bet.
  • Therefore, no matter the losses, at the moment you get your reward, you cover all the negative results consequences and even manage to make some profit.

This strategy may be used in a vast majority of board games. There is only one rule – the result must have sort of 50/50 chance for the strategy to work.

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Clear example of the strategy

So let’s take a European roulette as an example. We decided to check the profitability of this strategy and started with a $2 bet for all the black colors on the playing table. But the round was unlucky for us and the winning number was red. That’s the moment we double our bet up and repeat the same numbers but now with $4 bet. And finally, we have reached our reward. This way, we have covered up our losses ($2+$4+$8) and even got a certain percent of profit. Now we go back to the $2 bet and try again.

Sounds great, but…

Of course, it might seem like a universal strategy but what are the negative sides of it? Well, that’s simple. Even the mathematically perfect models cannot give you a 100% chance of winning especially in casino, where such strategies are regularly checked and prevented from being used by certain limitations. For example, any casino can set a maximum bet limit to prevent this strategy and in this case an ordinary gambler can reach the bet ceiling and lost the opportunity to cover his losses.

And the second reason is even easier to get. Everything you do in the casino is based on pure luck, where your chances to win are unpredictable and unstable. Of course, there is always a chance of winning after 9 or 10 attempts with doubling your bet, but there is also a pretty big chance that you will go bankrupt before you reach the desired result.


There is one thing that every gambler must keep in mind in order to save his bankroll – there is no perfect strategy that allows you to win in any game in the world. It all depends on a big amount of variables and you initial bet. Don’t be reckless and obsessed with the game, you should always stay focused and thoughtful in order to keep your money safe and make some profits.