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Zoom Roulette (BetSoft) Review 2023

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Zoom Roulette (BetSoft) Big Win $3600
BetSoft software small logo Software BetSoft
rtp RTP 97,30%
max win Max Possible Win $25,750

The main characteristics

Game Name Zoom Roulette
Release Date 2013
Game Type Roulette
Number Of Lines 37
Platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Wild symbol
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Min Bet $0,10
Max Bet $500
Max Win $25,750

BetSoft is a quite famous software provider for iGaming industry. It is mostly known for its colorful slots with various themes. But there is also wide a range of table games from this company. For example, bright and graphic Zoom Roulette with an RTP of 97,3% which is quite impressive.

Design and interface

Zoom Roulette has a very classical and chic design in a luxurious style that you see in real-life casinos. It was created in 2013 but still hasn’t lost its lush.

As to the interface, it is very user-friendly. In the upper part of the screen, you see the roulette and a history display that doesn`t take up much space and doesn’t distract you from the game itself. Then we have a racetrack for additional bets, the playing grid, and the control buttons.

  1. Mute button to turn off the music.
  2. Info. When you press it you can see the payout grid.
  3. Chips. You can regulate how much you want to bet on a certain number. There are 1, 5, 25, 100, and 250 credit chips and also a button to take them off the field.
  4. Undo. When you place a bet the Undo button will appear. If you click it, you can cancel your bet.
  5. The Clear button takes off all bets from the field.
  6. The Spin button sets off the wheel.
  7. The Double button. It will double all the chips that you`ve betted.

At the bottom of the screen, you can find your balance and the amount of the bet that you made. There is also a button shaped like a question mark that will open up the tab with the rules of this particular type of roulette.

Video Review Zoom Roulette (BetSoft)

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Screenshots Zoom Roulette

Zoom Roulette (BetSoft) Big Win $3600
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $300 / 23 Red
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $600 / 8 Black
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $1000 / 18 Red
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $1000 / 21 Red
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $1000 / 35 Black
Zoom Roulette (BetSoft) Big Win $3600
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $300 / 23 Red
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $600 / 8 Black
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $1000 / 18 Red
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $1000 / 21 Red
Zoom Roulette BetSoft won $1000 / 35 Black

Review Continued

Types of bets

Let`s start with the usual bets that you place on the lower field. Those are known to everyone who plays roulette.

  • Straight up is a bet that you put on the number.
  • Split bet on 2 numbers at a time.
  • Street bet on 3 numbers (just click on the upper part of the row that you want to bet on).
  • Corner bet. This is a bet that is placed on a square of 4.
  • Column bet. You can place your bet on 12 numbers at a time. The special fields are at the lower part of the grid. Or you can place your chips on the column on the right side of it.
  • 1 to 1 bets. Those are the most commonly known bets because they are the safest. Among them are Red or Black type, Even/Odd, and High/Low. All those fields you`ll find on the bottom of the grid.

And now let`s talk about the racetrack that you can see at the top of the main grid. This is a special field that you can make additional bets on. There are 5 different combos.

  1. 0-spiel. A bet on zero and 6 more numbers.
  2. Serie 0/2/3. A combination of bets that is sometimes called a Voisins du Zero.
  3. Serie 5/8 is a bet on 6 pairs.
  4. Orphelins. A bet on 4 splits and one straight up. Drag your mouse over the Orphelins tab on the table and you`ll see which numbers you`ll be betting on.
  5. Neighbors. A bet on 5 individual numbers. Just click on any number on the racetrack and a bet will be placed on it and on 2 numbers from the left and 2 from the right of it.

If one of those combos will be the winning one you`ll get a payout depending on the number, split, or corner that played out. And a couple of words about the limits. You can make a bet from 3 credits up to 500 credits for one spin. And this is pretty much all you need to know about how to play the Zoom Roulette from Betsoft.

Advantages and special features

The main thing you need to know about the Zoom Roulette is that it is the Hamburg edition of the European roulette. If the winning number is Zero you will get half of your chips that you`ve placed on the Red/Black, High/Low, or Even/Odd fields. This is a great feature that makes the Zoom Roulette even more lucrative.

And here`s how the game got its name. When you spin the wheel the special extra display will appear on the upper part of the screen. Here you`ll see the zoomed version of the roulette. So after you take a spin all your attention will be focused there in the urgent desire to know which number won. This is not only a great visual feature, but it also adds excitement to the game.

If you want to look for disadvantages, there is only one. The game doesn`t have a Hot/Cold display. But for some gamblers, it can be a good thing because the additional display would take up space on the screen and distract you from the game.

BetSoft is one of the most reputable software providers in the iGaming industry. So if you are a fan of table games, definitely give the Zoom Roulette a try. And even if you aren`t this is a great game to get acquainted with either way. The design is still up to date and the immersive atmosphere of a luxurious casino is very pleasant.