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Twin Spin (NetEnt) Slot Review 2023

0 reviews
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Online Slot Won $8000
NetEnt software small logo Software NetEnt
rtp RTP 96,55%
max win Max Possible Win $270,000

The main characteristics

Game Name Twin Spin
Release Date 2013
Game Type Slots
Number Of Lines 243
Platforms Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Wild symbol
Bonus Game
Free Spins
Min Bet $0,10
Max Bet $250
Max Win $270,000

It might sound a bit sentimental but I really like the products which give me the feeling of nostalgia and open a teleport to my carefree youth. I used to play real slot machines every time I had a few coins to spend while leaving shopping centers.

Nowadays, as the world is slowly but relentlessly moving from physical world to digital and even virtual reality, almost every activity we had back in the days, may be performed without leaving home. Twin Spin – is a slot based on a classic model of old-style physical gambling machines but it also has some innovative features that are easily noticeable. Let’s check this one out and learn everything we need about this slot.

Visual and audio design

The visual concept of this game is recognizable and clear from the very first sight. Regular “Bar”, “Cherry” and “Bell” icons combined with 9 to Ace playing cards and the most expensive “7” (remember the old “777” casino slot dream?) and “Diamond” icons. Nice level of details, good graphics, pleasant user’s interface. Everything is placed just as needed to feel comfort while playing.

The slot also has very smooth animation and “Twin Reel” effects on every spin. Soundtrack is catchy, it has something in it. Jazzy vibes do not distract you from playing and are quite pleasant to hear during the process. Sound effects are also nice. Everything works extremely well together.

Video Review Twin Spin

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Screenshots Twin Spin (NetEnt)

Twin Spin (NetEnt) Online Slot Won $8000
Twin Spin (NetEnt) 5 Bar
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Aces Won $600
Twin Spin (NetEnt) 3 Bar Won $300
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Jacks Won $400
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Ten with Wild Won $500
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Seven symbol won $300
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Online Slot Won $8000
Twin Spin (NetEnt) 5 Bar
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Aces Won $600
Twin Spin (NetEnt) 3 Bar Won $300
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Jacks Won $400
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Ten with Wild Won $500
Twin Spin (NetEnt) Seven symbol won $300

Review Continued


A standard 5x3 grid for this developer with mind-blowing amount of 243 playlines and «Twin Reel» function provides you with just unbelievably high chance to win. You need to combine 11 basic symbols 1 «Wild» one, which works as a replace for any of the basic symbols. «Twin Reel» links 2 reels together for each spin and the amount of linked reels may increase up to 5, giving you a 100% chance to grab an extremely high reward.

Functional buttons work nice: Auto-play which can be tweaked up to your preferences, easy and clear bet settings. Everything is made in such manner that makes this slot both classic and innovative so you still have your interest to give it a try and learn something new from it.

Reward system

£0.25/£125 – min and max bet respectively. Rewards that you may get from stacking symbols starts from 3 coins for a stack of nines and reaches 1000 coins for a stack of diamonds. Considering the presence of the Twin Reel feature and 243 playlines, you have a slight chance to get an amazing reward, compared to the slots of other developers. And that’s it, just a basic game which doesn’t make you feel like you need more.


One and the only drag of this slot for some gamblers is the absence of any bonus levels or secret features. There is only a basic game with a lot of playlines and Twin Reel working on every spin. To be honest, I didn’t feel like this slot lacks of something, everything it has is quite enough to satisfy the user. Of course, if you search for the treasure and want more hidden features and bonuses - you should definitely try other products of this developer.

Overall impressions

To sum up everything described above, I should say that this slot is a wonderful representation of the gambling machine history. Containing everything that we had in the past, combined with the features of our modern reality, it just gives you a positive experience and good set of positive emotions. I believe, that’s all that the prospective gambler may need.