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Sic Bo Casino

Find the best casinos, reviews, rules and strategies for the game of Sic Bo. Find out what you need to know before playing this interesting version of Game.

How To Play

Sic Bo for quite some time was considered to be just one of the dice games and was located in that section of online casinos. But as it gained more and more popularity some providers started to put it into a separate section and add more variations of this game.

Basic Rules

Sic Bo is an easy and simple game that came to us from the East. It has a lot of similar features to the game of Craps. But it is even easier to master and sometimes more exciting to play.

Here you have a grid drawn on the table with multiple types of bets that you can make. And also you have 3 dices. In Sic Bo, you won`t be rolling them by yourself. Instead, they are put into a special shaker and the numbers are announced by a dealer or written on a screen. The odds will be based on the type of bet that you make just like the payouts. So as you understand there is no special skill required to play and enjoy Sic Bo. The only thing you need to know as a beginner is what types of bets you can make and which of them are the safest.

Types of bets

One of the reasons why the game of Sic Bo is becoming more prominent in the gambling community is that it is simple and there are only 6 options for betting.

  1. Single bet. This is not the safest bet of all but the odds of you taking the bank are pretty solid. As there are 3 dices and you need your number to roll only on one, your odds will be 2 to 1.
  2. Double bet. Here you are betting that your number will roll at least on 2 dices. Surely the odds of that are much lower but the ratios will be more generous.
  3. Triple bet. This is one of the riskiest bets that you can make. To win it you need all 3 dices to show the number that you`ve picked.
  4. Total. This is a bet on a total sum of points on all the dice that are in the game. You can put your money on any number from 4 to 17. But you should know that you cannot put this bet on 3 or 18 as they are already covered by the previous type of bet.
  5. Big and small bets. Here we come to the safest bet in Sic Bo. Here you are betting that a lower number from 4 to 10 will show up, or the higher from 11 to 17. The odds are not exactly 1 to 1 as this bet also doesn’t include 3 and 18 but they are pretty close.
  6. Combination bets. In our opinion, this is one of the most exciting options. To make a combination bet you have to choose a combo of 2 numbers and hope that both of them will show up with the next roll. The third dice gives you some extra chances. The odds here are pretty solid. If you guess a combo of 2 numbers right, you`ll get a 6 to 1 ratio.

All of those options you`ll see on a grid on a table when you enter the game. In some particular apps, you may even see the odds of each bet rolling out.

Sic Bo strategies

The simplest strategy in almost every game is to find a bet with even ratios and double your chips every time that it loses. But with Sic Bo, it won`t actually work as the house always leaves an edge, and here the percentage is higher than usual. Casinos will also try to trick you by adding a window with ‘hot and cold’ numbers and numbers that rolled in previous rounds to make you think that you see a pattern. But this is not true. There are no patterns in Sic Bo, this is a game of luck and nothing more.

The only strategy that you can use here is the following. Just play for fun and enjoy the process. And let the win become only a pleasant bonus instead of the main goal.

Where to play Sic Bo?

As we’ve already mentioned at the beginning, Sic Bo is becoming more popular and widely spread so you can find it in any casino. There are multiple versions of it from various providers. Each has its own design and theme. But the rules are pretty much always the same. So the main thing that you need to do to play Sic Bo is to find the right casino.

Be sure that the website that you choose has all the credentials and all the necessary licensing. And the provider who developed the Sic Bo app is trustworthy and has a certified RNG to ensure that you`ll have a fair game. To help you find your perfect option we`ve gathered a top list of casinos, so be sure to check it out.