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Keno Casino

There are many opportunities to bet big and win big at keno online. Find the best keno sites for you by checking out our list of top ranked games.

How To Play

Keno is very much like a lottery that you`ve probably seen on TV. You can buy tickets in your local bar or in a land-based casino and try out your luck. But if you want to try Keno online, here are the rules that you need to know.

Basic Rules

There are not so many rules in Keno and in many cases, they will depend on the provider that developed the app that you choose. But the main point is always the same.

In Keno, you have a grid of numbers, usually, from 1 to 80, but in some versions, you can see more or fewer numbers. You need to pick numbers to your liking and put bets on each of them. The more numbers you pick, the higher chances you get and the bigger your payout may be. In various versions, there are different amount of numbers that you can pick, but traditionally it`s 10. After you got your numbers ball will spring out of the special spinning machine. In the case of the online version, it can be animated or numbers will just appear on the screen. And the more of these random numbers will match the ones you`ve picked, the bigger your prize will be.

How to win in Keno?

Some gamblers believe that you can win more by using the system of cold and hot numbers. But that is actually not true. The only thing that can help you get better chances is the RTP. Look for a version of this game with a higher percentage, the closer to 100% the better.

But there is a strategy that will help you to get maximum payouts. As we already stated, the payout ratios vary depending on the number of spots that you choose. But more numbers do not always mean a bigger prize because you will need a different amount of matches to win the game with different amount of numbers. For example:

  • if you pick 2, 3, or 4, you will need 2 matches;
  • if you pick 5, 6, or 7, you`ll need 3;
  • 8 and 9 will require 4 matches;
  • with 10 numbers you will need 5.

So as you can see the most lucrative amounts are 4, 7, and 9. But some providers may have some adjustments to the rules so be careful with them. If you want to find the best app to play Keno, you can visit our reviews section. There you can find information about software providers and different products that they offer for you to play online.

Keno in Live Mode

This is the same game but it is played Live. The provider will stream the studio where a beautiful hostess will draw the numbers while you check them in your ticket. Live Mode adds more excitement to the game as you wait for every number to be announced making it more fun. And to some degree even bringing a little nostalgia. If you want to check it out, go to the lobby with Live dealers in your favorite casino. Or simply look up the Keno game at the search bar and look for a marking that says 'Live' in the results.

Types of Keno

In an online casino, you will find multiple Keno games with different themes. And one of the things that can bring even more excitement to the game is the fact that some of them feature a progressive jackpot.

For example, Pyramid Jackpot Keno. Here you need to guess the seven numbers tied to the seven levels of the Pyramid. If you guess them all you`ll get a Grand Pyramid Jackpot. And if you guess only six you`ll get a Mini Pyramid Reward. Also in this game, you will find a bonus round which is triggered when balls hit 3 assigned numbers. Other than that it follows standard Keno rules.

Also, you may be interested in some bonus features. In that case search for some games like Bonus Keno from NetEnt. With each draw of the ball, a Joker may appear on the field. Any number a Joker falls onto will add to your winning combination. And when you collect 5 Jokers, one round will be granted to you for free.

And if you want something plain and simple try out something like Traditional Keno from BetSoft. As stated right in the name, this is a traditional version with nothing added to it. So it will be great for beginners who are just learning to play Keno.

To choose the perfect version of Keno and a perfect casino be sure to check out the license of whatever provider you choose. And to help you with that we`ve created a top list of the best casinos with a great variety of games where you will definitely find a Keno version to your liking.