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Blackjack Casino

We provide you with a list of well-vetted, reliable Black Jack sites. All of them are regulated by the government and provide a safe gaming experience. Read reviews, compare them and choose the best one.

How To Play

If you ever watched the movie Twenty-One you probably know what the game of blackjack is and how easy is to play it. But if you haven`t, we will break down the rules in just a couple of simple words.

Basic rules

In blackjack of any kind, your main goal is to get as close to 21 points as possible. But be careful because if you exceed this number even by one point you will automatically lose the round.

Remember that you are playing only against the dealer. Even if you heard that this is a team game, when you play with other people at the table their cards won`t change the outcome of your game with the dealer. Everyone in the game including the dealer will get 2 cards each. After that participants get to decide whether they need more to get closer to 21 or not. To get one more card you have to say or click Hit and to stop - Stand. When everybody gets all the cards that they need you will open your hand and compare the results. The best combo is 21 points with 2 cards that you got at the very beginning. That is called blackjack.

Players options

While you play the round you get to use a couple of options to make it more profitable.

Split. Traditional rules state that if your first two cards are of the same value, you can split them into 2 separate hands and play with them further on. But be aware that different casinos and software providers may have some adjustments to the rules. For example, you can get only a certain amount of cards after you split, you can or can`t double on that hands, and so on.

Double. By using this option, you can double your bet at any stage of the round before everybody opens their cards. After that, you will get 1 additional card and have to open your hand. So use it only if you are sure that one more card can get into a more favorable position than the dealer.

Insurance. This is an option that can be offered by some casinos or providers. When you see the first card of the dealer you can buy insurance in case they get a blackjack. So you have to worry about it only if you see an Ace or a 10 on the dealer`s hand. At some tables, you may buy insurance only if the dealer got an Ace. It will cost you half of your bet, but if the dealer actually gets a blackjack you will double that money. Considering your initial bet will go to the bank, you won`t lose anything.

In some versions, you may even come across some mini-games or side bets that you can make in the process to add some spice to the game.

Types of Blackjack

If you wander around a land-based or an online casino you may come across different versions of the beloved game of blackjack. Some of them are specific to some countries and some are just designed to be more fun and exciting. So let`s take a look at some variations.

  1. Pontoon. This game is highly popular in England. The main difference is that the strongest hand will be the one with 5 cards in case the number of points doesn`t exceed 21.
  2. Bonus Blackjack. This is a quite popular version among those players who are learning to count the cards. That is because there are only 2 decks of cards in the game. In online casinos, you may even see a version with only one deck of 52 cards.
  3. Double Exposure. This version may seem quite lucrative for the players because both of the dealer’s cards will be open. But there`s a catch. To even out the chances casinos add some rules. For example, in case of a tie your money goes to the bank, there will be no insurance and the payouts for the winner will have only a 3:2 ratio.
  4. Blackjack Switch. This is a fun variation where each of the players got 2 hands of cards and the second card in each hand can be switched with the other one. This is a great feature to make the gambling process even more dynamic and exciting.

All these additional rules in variants of the traditional blackjack can affect the house edge. So if you see a game where the odds seem too good for the player, check out the detailed section for a catch.

Where to play Blackjack?

As this game is extremely popular it is featured in every casino. So be sure, especially online, that you`ve checked the casino`s credentials. You want to play only with licensed software that will give fair results. Pick versions from respectable providers and under no circumstances give your personal info to some shady portals that promise you instant big wins. Check out our reviews on casinos, apps, and versions of this game to pick the one to your liking.