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Bingo Casino

Find all of the best Bingo sites to play on by reading our reviews. We test them for fairness and safety, so you know you can trust them to have your best interests at heart.

How To Play

The game of Bingo is surrounded by multiple stereotypes. The strongest one of which is that it is a game for older people. And in the past, it was partly true as Bingo was often played at retirement homes. But with the appearance of online casinos, everything changed.

Basic Rules

If you want to play Bingo usually you`ll find all the presented variations in a designated section of an online casino. But if there are not enough options, casinos can put them into the arcade section.

So how to play Bingo online? First, you have to find a game to your liking. After you load it you will be given a so-called ticket with multiple random numbers. Usually, it is a 5 to 5 grid with 24 numbers and a blank spot in the middle. Then different numbers from 1 to 75 will be announced or simply appear on the screen. As a player, you have to look for them on your ticket. When and if you collect 5 of them in a row or in other suitable patterns you get Bingo. This would mean that you won the game. You can play with only one ticket or with several simultaneously. This will depend on the type of app that you choose.

Types of Bingo

A classical Bingo version is that with 75 numbers where 24 of them are written on a ticket. But there are different versions of this beloved game. So if you are interested we listed a couple of them.

  1. 30-Ball Bingo. This is the most fast-paced and dynamic version. The ticket here will have only 9 squares with numbers.
  2. 80-Ball Bingo. In this version, you`ll have lower chances but the prize will be bigger. Here you`ll have a grid of 16 numbers out of 80. This is one of the most popular Bingos on the web.
  3. 90-Ball Bingo. This is a more complex version as it is played in so-called strips. A strip is a card with 6 tickets on it. Every ticket has 9 columns and 3 rows. 

Aside from that, you can find Bingo games with different themes and even plotlines. The game of Bingo can become an adventure or mystery quest depending on the theme. All of them will have their own unique design and special features. So be sure to check out the rules of the game that you chose before you start playing it. Also, look at the paytable to know what types of patterns you are expected to gather. But in some modern versions, they can be stated right at the top part of the screen.

Types of patterns

In different versions, there will be different winning combinations and patterns that you need to gather. But there are some classics that everyone who plans to play classical Bingo should know about:

  • lines;
  • diagonal;
  • letter T;
  • letter U;
  • full diamond;
  • coverall.

Those are not all of the patterns that you can look for on your ticket. To learn more check out the rules of the Bingo version that you`ve decided to play. There you`ll see all the patterns and the payout ratios that you can count on. Obviously the more numbers you can cross out and combine in a pattern the higher your reward will be.

Where to play Bingo

If you are interested in playing Bingo online, there are a couple of steps that you should follow to pick out a perfect version. First, you need to choose a casino. It has to be a well-respected portal with all the necessary licensing so you can be sure that everything is fair and square.

Next, you need to pick out a software provider. We recommend choosing from the top-tier developers, like NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, Betsoft, and so on. That way you can be sure that that RTP is not tampered with and the RNG has all the licenses. Or you can go the opposite way and choose some apps first and then check out who made them. If you are OK with the provider, you can look the game up in different casinos and then pick out the one that you consider to be the most trustworthy.