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Baccarat Casino

We compare the top Baccarat casinos and offer tips on how to play Baccarat online with real money. Each casino has been vetted by experts and is licensed with a gaming commission.

How To Play

If you`ve never tried to play this game, now would be an excellent time to change that fact and try out Baccarat. It is one of the traditional and classiest casino activities that you can find but it is also dynamic and quite exciting. So here we will crack out some ground rules so you can start drawing cards and winning like you`ve done it for years.

Basic Rules of Baccarat

If you want to break down the rules in just a few words, here you go. In this game, you will be given 2 cards and you have to guess who got closer to 9 points – you or the dealer.

Both of you will receive your cards, and others will see them. All you have to know is how to count the points. So there are cards with stated value, Ace here always counts as 1, and face cards as 10s. That is, of course, if we are talking about a traditional version. If the number of your points is more than 9, you need to subtract 10. For example, you got an Ace and a Queen. So this counts as 1 and 10, and the total will be 11 points. Now you subtract 10 and get 1 point. And also in the classic Baccarat, the third card can be dealt to any player. To see under which circumstances it can happen, check out the detailed rules of the version that you`ve decided to play in.

Types of Baccarat

Most casinos and websites feature a classical version, but if you want to try out something more unusual and new, Baccarat can offer you some variations.

  1. 3 Card Baccarat. In this version, all the same rules apply with some exceptions. Like all the participants will receive 3 cards each, face cards are counted as zeros and the strongest hand is the one that got 3 face cards. If none of the participants have such a combo the winner is whoever got closest to 9 like in traditional Baccarat. This 3 Card version is especially popular in Macau.
  2. Mini-Baccarat. This is the same old Baccarat but fast-paced. It is not so often presented in online casinos, but in land-based establishments, it is quite popular. The main difference is the speed and a smaller table.
  3. Punto Banco. This version differs from the rest quite a bit. And that`s because the game features 3 dealers instead of one. In real-life casinos, it can be overwhelming, but if you play online the app will handle everything for you, so it can be a very pleasant experience.
  4. Chemin de Fer. As you probably got from the name this is a version that is popular in France. Here every player can take upon himself a role of the bank and challenge his opponents at the table. This version is usually played in high-end VIP land-based casinos and not so much online. There is a similar version to it that is called Baccarat Banque. In this one, you can also act as a bank but there are 3 decks of cards instead of just one.

If you play online there is a vast variety of classical Baccarat from different providers where each one adds some interesting features to make the gambling process more exciting. For example, you can find differently themed versions or some mini-games or additional bets within them.

Winning strategies in Baccarat

There are no particular winning strategies but you can find that some bets can be more reliable. Like if you want to get better odds always bet on the dealer`s win. As most of us know casino always has an advantage. And in Baccarat the dealer has a +1,06 percent more chances.

Keeping that in mind you can apply some strategies that are used in roulette and suggest that you double your bet after every loss and make the next bet. So that when your bet will finally win you could return all your money and get some extra.

Where to play Baccarat?

If you are interested in Baccarat and its variations, check out our review section. There you can find different versions from different first-class providers that will definitely give you fair results. For rookies, we can recommend the version from Betsoft. It follows the standard rules, has a simple yet classy design, and will suit you whether you are a total beginner or are already familiar with Baccarat at some level.