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Well, each slot has different amounts of minimal and maximal bet. If we’re talking about slots, it normally starts from $0,01 and may reach $500 per spin. If we’re talking about roulette, it varies between $0,10 per number and $10000 for the entire table. In card games, like blackjack, it usually starts from $0,10 and reaches $500 per draw.
Currently, slots are holding the leader’s position in any casino, no matter real or virtual. It is obvious and predictable because slots don’t require any skill, knowledge or tactics to use, everything a player needs to do is just to spin. Roulette comes second and card games and board games are next in the list.
All the top rated and licensed casinos care about their reputation, indeed. To prove their lawfulness and fairness, they regularly pass the inspections by special control entities which check the gambling facilities for following the essential principles. One of the most important aspects is RTP (Return to Player) which must be not lower than 96% in the reliable casinos.
There are several types of jackpots in casinos but basically we can mark only two major categories: progressive and fixed. If we’re talking about fixed jackpots, the main idea spins around randomness and luck and brings a fixed reward to the gambler. Progressive jackpots, on the opposite, depend on the bets made and can be stacked to multiply the final long-awaited reward. Fixed are usual for card games and roulette while progressive are the signature feature of slots.

Types of games

Live mode is a groundbreaking innovation in the gambling sphere and it has managed to conquer its fame within a short period of time. It gives a wonderful experience of real presence while the player may just sit and relax at home or any other comfortable place. There are live dealers, which are usually beautiful models and this fact makes the game even more exciting and pleasing. Each player can communicate with dealer using the chat and leave the tip before leaving the game.
The answer is simple – any type. There are plenty of slots that cover almost every topic in the world and a great variety of mechanics available. You may find even slots based on iconic cultural creations, like books, movies and comics with your favorite characters and widely known plots. Also, there is a big amount of different reel options, from classical old-style 3x3 to 5x5 and even more.
It’s pretty easy to understand everything. You have the playing table with numbers 0 to 36 and you can place your bet chips on the numbers. If your number wins you get the highest x35 reward in the game. You may also be interested in another bet options, e.g. color bets or sections/lines bets and advanced bet options which are usually available on the racetrack bar. So, place your bets, spin and win!
One of the most popular card games in the world cannot be complicated, right? That’s true. You play against the dealer, you both are drawn with 2 cards, each one having a certain numeric value. You should come as close as it’s possible to 21. To do this, you may ask for another card if you need more points to reach the desirable number. But be careful, your total numeric value must not exceed 21, otherwise you lose instantly.
A vast majority of games have the demo version, which is completely free for all gamblers, excluding live games. This section gives you an opportunity to check all the free games available at the moment. Just launch it, go for demo mode and start gambling! This allows you to learn the rules much better and faster than by reading or watching videos. Personal experience is very important. We recommend you to use only the casinos you may find on our website.

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Obviously, until moment you opened this page, you had been searching for some great options to start gambling. And this process is not as easy as it may seem at first glance, especially for inexperienced gamblers. There are plenty of product clones, shady virtual casinos and really strange providers with almost no information about their products and no specific numbers or statistics.

So, we are glad to see you here and we are really willing to help you complete this difficult mission. Right on this web page you can see the categories of games available on our website. Each category contains the best representatives of the genre and is properly sorted for you to provide the maximum level of comfort and clarity.

By opening a category you will always see the best selection of games created by the best developers and also some above to simplify the process of choosing the product which will meet all of your demands and requirements. We have made the process of gambling smooth and easy for everybody, starting from the new players who want to gain some experience and develop the necessary skills and finishing with experienced ones who seek something new to apply their strategies and hit the bank.

Below the games categories you will also find the answers to the common questions (FAQ section) which may help you to get started. Enjoy the highest level of gambling with these amazing products we have carefully selected for you! Good luck!