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Now, let’s talk bonuses. If you are new to the game, then this brief introduction is just what you need to wrap your head around how the deals work! So let’s cut to the chase!

Most casino bonuses can be subdivided into four major categories: deposit, no-deposit, cash backs and tournaments. Here, we are going to touch upon every one of those. For more detailed information, check out our articles of each of those promos, or just read the terms and conditions of your casino.

Deposit bonuses are often called the matching deals, but that’s now entirely correct. A deposit deal is usually a package deal, and there is always more to it than just a matching part. The procedure of getting such a deal is always the same, no matter what casino you play in. You register, validate your account and make a deposit. You may claim the bonus on a deposit, if it fits the required size.

Claiming a deal may be right before you make the deposit transfer or right after, that slightly differs from casino to casino. Make sure you get it right and your deposit doesn’t get wasted! The deposit method might also be important, some deposit deals may be claimed only if you use a particular method of payment, or the deal details may vary slightly from method to method. That’s another thing we advise you to check in advance.

The mechanism of a deposit deal is rather basic. You deposit, and get your deposit matched with the bonus money, hence the name. The matching amount depends on the casino and on the deal. It may be 20% or 100% or even more. So, if you deposited a 100 and took a 100% matching deal, then you get 200 to play with instead of your original deposit. After the bonus has been credited to your account, you play.

But remember about the wagering requirements. Without meeting them, you won’t be able to withdraw your wins. Those vary from one casino to the other. There is no median here. Most likely, it will be from 25x to 50x the bonus and the deposit amounts! And you might be restricted from playing some games to meet the rollover, so pay attention to it! Deposit promos are not only available on your first upon the registration deposit. Some casinos have the so-called reload deals on a weekly basis, so you can claim deposit promotions regularly.

No-deposit bonuses are hard to find, and not every casino is willing to risk its assets in such a dangerous gamble. Such deals are offered as a welcome compliment from some casinos. Also, you may get those as part of a holiday special deal, or when a new game is launched, or in some other cases. Free spins and free balance points are what you are likely to get as a no-deposit deal. And don’t forget about the rollover. The requirements will be rather high for no-deposit deals.

Cash back deals are trending nowadays. They work just like any other cash back out there. You deposit, use the money to play, some part of this money you lose and that is when the cash back kicks in, covering a certain percent of your losses and giving you some of your lost money back. How much and how often depends on your casino rules. Some reward cash backs daily, others weekly or monthly.

The percentage most commonly varies from 5 to 15%! VIPs get bigger cash backs, of course! As for the rollover requirements, the terms differ from casino to casino as well. Some offer their cash backs playthrough-free, but as un-cashable points only. Other places have a moderate rollover for such offers. Whether you need to apply for this deal, or you get enrolled automatically, you have to figure out yourself in your casino’s terms and conditions.

Finally, tournaments are quite an entertainment, and though they are nothing like traditional bonus deals, they may become extremely lucrative! The idea behind tournaments is really simple: you join a tournament, you play the allowed game or games, earning as many points as you can and if you earn enough, you get the prize. The prizes are usually wager-free cash awards.

Sometimes there are prizes like cars or holiday trips or even cruises, but those are usually for the top-tier gamblers only. To join the tournament, you might have to pay a small entrance fee, often just a few dollars. That’s how the prize pool is collected. Some tournaments are free of charge, they are sometimes called freerolls. Their pool may be provided by the casino itself or by a game provider, for example. Either way, tournaments are great fun that add some competitive thrill into your ordinary gambling mode, so why not give it a go?

That’s pretty much all the information you need to figure out casino bonuses. Of course, there are more deals available in the market. The casinos design more elaborate and enticing promos to win their share of the highly competitive iGambling market! But knowing the basics will help you nail all the new promos coming your way like a pro! So enjoy gambling and use the bonuses to your fun and advantage only!